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There are three steps to create a new account.

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Provide your details, create a username and password, and verify your email address.

2 Verify documents

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Verify 3 different identity documents.

3 Match existing services

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Complete matching process for your existing services.

By beginning the process you confirm that you acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and that your document information will be checked with the issuer or official record holder.

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Your right to privacy

Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988.

Services Australia (we) manage the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) system and collect your personal information to provide you with a Digital Credential. Your Digital Credential can be used to access certain Australian Government online services.

To enrol for a Digital Credential you will need to provide us with your personal information including:

We will use your information from the identity documents to verify your identity with the Issuer* or Official Record Holder* for the identity document.

We will store your personal information and verification result securely.

We may use and disclose to other departments and agencies your personal information and identity verification result to allow you to access online government services.

Where you wish to create a PRODA record for an organisation so that organisation can access online government services, we will use your personal information for that purpose and disclose your personal information to the Australian Business Register to verify the organisation.

Where you are a member of an organisation, we may collect your information from the organisation for the purposes of linking you to the organisation’s PRODA record. If you are linked to an organisation, your personal information will be used by us and disclosed to the organisation and other departments and agencies to allow the organisation to access online government services from those departments or agencies.

Your personal information may also be used by us or given to other parties where you have agreed to that, or where it is required or authorised by law (including for the purpose of research or conducting investigations).

You can get more information about the way in which we will manage your personal information, including our privacy policy, at

*Issuer and Official Record Holder are defined in clause 24 of the PRODA Terms and conditions.
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